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About us

We love growing produce on our family farm near Swink, CO, and have been growing Rocky Ford cantaloupe, watermelon, tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers, chili peppers, and much more for over 100 years!  



In 2006, at the Colorado State Fair our farm was awarded the Centennial Farm Certificate.  As a result the Gary Hanagan Farms are enrolled by the Colorado Historical Society and Colorado Department of Agricultural as a Centennial Farm for the continued ownership of our farms for 100 years.


My great grandfather, Christopher Hanagan moved his family from Ensfield, Illinios to the original 160 acre farm north of Swink, Colorado in 1905, and began raising hay, corn and those delicious Otero County Melons.  Eventually they began packing and shipping melons from several packing sheds in the Arkansas Valley to destinations across the country.


In 1963, my wife Margret and I purchased the farm.  Today our sons, Eric and Chuck also farm with us.  Both sons and their families live on the farm.  Currently Eric Hanagan manages the farm and farms over 1000 acres.  All family members continue to contribute and work on the farm.  During produce season everyone is busy selling a variety of vegetables and melons.  Hanagan’s Farm Market ( Mary’s Farm Market) is located west of Swink on Hwy 50 and Hanagan’s Farm Market in Lamar.  We offer a variety of melons, tomatoes, onions, chili, cucumbers, squash and a variety of other vegetables and some fruit we purchase from the Western Slope.


Also at the farm one half mile south of Swink we have “pick your own” chilies and tomatoes.  Additionally we offer chili and tomato roasting to our customers.  This location is also our wholesale outlet where we load trucks of fresh produce headed for our destinations.  We also have a pumpkin patch in October.


Since we are open seven days a week, mid July through October, this is a busy but rewarding time for our family. Although we enjoy it we are happy to resume a less hectic schedule after it freezes, we have time to reflect on how blessed we are to live on a farm and be close to our family, the land and our God.

It's all about family!

Quality, tradition and family owned for over 100 years. Know your farmer, know your food. We would not grow or sell anything that we would not feed to our own family.

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